How to Keep Your Truck Well-Maintained

Being an operational vehicle that can be relied on in various business sectors makes trucks were chosen for operational sustainability in various business fields, for example, the truck dispatch company. Despite their resistance to rough terrain operations, trucks are manufactured from a range of moving parts, which are bound to experience a decline in performance over time. Trucks require regular maintenance to keep engine components and other parts working optimally.

Having a large vehicle such as a dispatch truck that operates in the delivery service sector requires you to pay more attention to the condition of your truck. If it is not cared for properly and carefully, it will make it possible for the truck to have problems or damage. This will affect your business as a truck vendor. It is unimaginable how much loss you will receive if you neglect to maintain your truck.

How to maintain a truck is relatively simple because it is enough just to follow the maintenance standards that are already in the truck maintenance manual. All the guidelines are listed in the truck maintenance manual because each truck has its maintenance period. In this case, you cannot generalize the type of maintenance for all trucks.

However, there are some common ways regardless of whether the truck is used for transportation or delivery services and for those of you who run a truck dispatch company, to maintain the condition of your truck in excellent condition.

Things to Consider for Truck Maintenance

All trucks have one thing in common: they need a tune-up to ensure optimal operating conditions and avoid breakdowns. The engine requires an oil change and the transmission needs to be properly lubricated. Here are some ways to keep your truck organized and in top condition.

  1. Daily routine check

In operating large vehicles such as trucks, you also need to check every day. Especially if your vehicle is routinely operated, you need to check the health of your vehicle every day, for example before it is operated. This is very important for you to do every day to avoid further damage in the future.

  1. Pay attention to periodic treatment

Taking care of large vehicles such as trucks is a must, especially if you use the truck to deliver cargo over a considerable distance. In this case, you need to do maintenance based on the period of the truck. Note in the maintenance manual, for example, if the truck has been operating at a distance of 10,000 km you need to carry out regular maintenance. You can do maintenance for example, by changing the air filter or lubricant at a certain distance.

  1. Perform truck engine performance test

Engine and drivetrain problems cause trucks to wear out prematurely more quickly. The mechanics call it downtime. One of the most obvious signs of an engine problem is excessive smoke, reduced oil pressure, and low engine power. Symptoms of an unhealthy engine must be treated immediately. If so, make repairs immediately.

Perform regular compression tests on the engine. This is meant to give you an idea of how long the engine will last. Other checks include monitoring coolant and engine temperatures, monitoring oil conditions and pressures. Check all engine parts for seals, bushings, and bearings. Then also check the wheel alignment regularly. This is important, especially if you run a truck dispatch company.

  1. Check vehicle electrical system

Modern trucks rely on electrical systems to keep their engines at peak efficiency. New vehicles use modern technology such as using a package of cables and sensors to regulate and control the condition of the engine. Maintenance of trucks and their electrical systems. Some things are best left to the professionals.

  1. Choose a reliable driver

In carrying out maintenance on trucks, you need to cooperate with the truck driver who drives your vehicle. Cooperating, in this case, means that the truck driver needs to know the condition of the truck.

Routine maintenance will not only reduce costs directly related to repairs but also extra savings by avoiding inflated operational costs and maintaining the safety of other road users. Do the tips to keep your truck in top condition and can perform well. Running a truck dispatch company also still has to pay attention to these things.

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