Four Reasons Why Your Business or Charity Should Partner with a Food Truck

Running a business is about sharing and connecting with everyone; whether partners or clients. At a time when competition is hard, partnering is another way out and strengthening your Truck Dispatch business. It will give many impacts on your business if you are successfully partnering with other businesses in various fields.

Some Benefits of Business Partnership

The partnership is very crucial for the growth of your business no matter what kind of fields your business runs, especially service business. Even an old saying says that when people like you, they will listen to you, but when they trust you, they will start to do business with you.

That old saying is true because the essential value of the partnership is trust. The partnership will never be done well if each partner has no trust in the other. Here are some benefits you will get by doing a business partnership, especially if you run a The truck Dispatcher business.

  1. Knowledge

Having a business partnership will allow you to learn many things from your partner. You and your partner will discuss and exchange both of your opinions about business, strategies, and many more beneficial things. You are allowed to grow and get some knowledge from your partner and vice versa.

  1. Enhance your business’ image and credibility

A business partnership can enhance your business’ image and credibility as you and your partner strengthen your business together. The influence you and your partner give to the public will be increased and more people will find out that your business is something else. It will result in the best booster for your brand and business.

  1. Expand your customer base

Another benefit you will get while deciding to do a business partnership is that you can expand your customer base. Through a business partnership agreement, each party will let your business reach their customer easier so that you can expand your market, so does your partner. It is a win-win solution to expand your business to the other market so that more and more people will recognize your business.

Reasons Why Your Business or Charity Should Partner with a Food Truck

As you already know some benefits of a business partnership, know you have to know one of potential business you have to be its partner. It is a food truck business which is popular in some late years. whether you’re the owner of the business or the head of a charity fund-raiser, it is beneficial for you to do a partnership with food trucks.

Here are some reasons why you have to do partnership with the food truck business.

  1. The food truck is a buzz

A food truck will be a special attraction for people to come and be your potential customers or donors. A huge brightly colored food truck will increase people’s enthusiast to enjoy your events. This will help you a lot to attract as many people as possible at your events completed with radio broadcasting in social media.

  1. Food truck operators are social media master

Social media is the best platform for you as a business owner to advertise your business. Food truck operators usually use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms to introduce and advertise their food business. They usually have loyal followers and will follow them when they are at the events.

This way will help you to expand your business at your events while having a business partnership with food trucks. Their followers will come to your events and you can take this advantage to introduce your business and increase your sales.

  1. The food truck is affordable

Considering to having a food truck at your events is affordable seeing how many advantages to will get. You can put the food truck close to the entrance so that people can see the huge bright food truck. You can buy some portions of their meals for your visitors and they surely will love it.

  1. Potential business partnership

While having a sales event, you need to have a potential business partner to support your business and events. Truck Dispatcher business also needs potential partnerships and a food truck is one of them. The food truck has many advantages as they are attractive businesses and they also have loyal followers that can be your potential clients or customers.

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5 Types of Cancer Tumors in the Human Body

A tumor is a lump that resembles a lump and is present in the human body. Tumors are divided into benign tumors and malignant tumors which usually cause cancer.

One of them is mesothelioma which originates from a malignant tumor in the human lung. This time we will know some types of cancer tumors that are dangerous to humans and find out what causes them.

Types of Tumors in the Human Body:

Tumors are abnormal tissues that form when cells that should die but grow are growing too many.

If in a healthy human body, cells should divide and replace each other. But tumors are caused by abnormal cell growth that accumulates into tissue that is harmful to the body.

Of course, this can be caused by several factors. Here are some types of tumors that exist in the human body what you need to know:

  1. Cervical Dysplasia

This cancer is caused by a tumor lining the cervix. You can find this disease when you do a Pap Smear.

Cervical dysplasia usually stems from HPV which is a common infection that occurs in young children.

These cells are not initially cancer, but in the next 10 to 30 years can cause cervical cancer. This can be caused by various things such as lifestyle, free sex, and genetic factors.

  1. Mesothelioma

This is lung cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. The cause of these cancer cells arises because of asbestos exposure which produces fine dust that has been inhaled by humans.

This fine dust will accumulate in the lungs and cause respiratory problems and trigger cancer cells.

This cancer is very risky because until now there is still no cure. The sufferer can only do chemotherapy and other treatment according to the doctor’s advice.

  1. Sarcoma

The next cancer is a sarcoma. These cells originate in cartilage, nerves, and connective tissue. These cells originate outside the bone marrow.

Sarcomas become one of the tumors that cause cancer and sufferers experience various things. Sarcomas usually appear in any part of the soft tissue in the human body.

  1. Fibroids

Fibroids grow in certain parts of the body and usually appear in the uterus. Although this is a benign tumor, it can grow quite large and cause many other problems.

Usually, people with fibroids will experience vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain, fertility problems, and frequent urination.

To overcome this, you can go to a gynecologist and ask for an initial diagnosis and treatment for healing. Before this tumor becomes more malignant.

  1. Meningioma

Meningioma are tumors that grow on the membrane covering the brain and spinal cord. This cancer is classified as cancer and sufferers experience very severe headaches.

But meningioma can be cured depending on the location of the tumor and the doctor’s diagnosis. Usually, the doctor will cope with surgery and chemotherapy.

In addition to mesothelioma, meningioma is cancer that should be watched out for because until now no drug can cure cancer patients. Maintain a healthy lifestyle so that your body avoids cancer.

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5 Reasons to Use a Lawyer for Employee Health

Learning about human health is endless. Especially when we work, of course, health and safety are number one. Work safety is regulated by law to protect employees. Unfortunately, some companies are still not responsible for the health and well-being of their employees.

Especially if you have mesothelioma, of course, you need a lawyer to sue the company. Many mesothelioma lawyers will help you get compensation for what you experienced. They are specialist lawyers who understand health.

Why Should You Use a Lawyer to Get Compensation?

Workers who breathe asbestos every day can get mesothelioma. This disease is very malignant and there is no cure. Workers affected by mesothelioma cancer must get compensation from the company. Unfortunately, they cannot sue themselves and need mesothelioma lawyers.

Lawyers will help you and represent employees affected by this cancer to get appropriate compensation. They are experts who will prove the company’s negligence.

Here are the reasons why it is important to use lawyers to get compensation:

  1. Affected by Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is cancer that is currently incurable. Asbestos exposure can build up in the lungs and cause cancer. There is still no cure for this disease and most of it occurs due to company negligence. Asbestos is not an object that can be inhaled for a long time.

Not only workers but the surrounding environment can also be exposed to asbestos. If we are affected and experience mesothelioma then the only way is to sue the company.

  1. Psychological Impact

An employee who is affected by mesothelioma or dies will have an impact on his family. They lost their loved ones. In addition, they lost their jobs and could not support their families. The psychological impact may be felt by the employee’s family.

However, you can hire a lawyer to help you deal with the problem. While waiting for compensation from the company, you will also be given psychological assistance.

  1. Get Medical Fee

Mesothelioma is an incurable disease. But you can still go to the hospital for chemotherapy and others. The treatment also costs a lot of money. You cannot pay for your treatment. Lawyers will help you to get medical expenses to relieve the pain you are suffering. The cost of this cancer treatment is not small and you need a long time to relieve the disease you are suffering from.

  1. Getting Funeral Fee

If an employee dies as a result of asbestos exposure, then the family can sue the company for funeral expenses. They have to be responsible for the death and bear the funeral expenses. This is due to the negligence of the company that does not protect its employees.

  1. Lost Salary

A mesothelioma lawyers can get compensation for salaries that were not previously paid. As the family of a deceased employee, you can claim your rights. The unpaid salary can be used for your living expenses and continuing your education. So, you don’t have to be afraid to fight for the rights you should get with your lawyers.

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5 Reasons to Use Vacation Club for Family Vacations

After going through a hard day at work, we should take this summer vacation with family.

We can start by choosing a travel package. At least spend a few days to enjoy the summer with the family.

The thing that is no less important after choosing a travel package is vacation preparation. Of course, you need a vacation packing list template so that all the things you need can be brought.

This template will make it easier for you to pack all your needs, from clothes, food to other necessities.

Having Fun with Vacation Club

Many people ask why we should join a vacation club. They will provide a holiday experience that will never be forgotten.

Because sometimes when we want to go on vacation with our family, we don’t have a solid plan to visit various places or what activities to do.

The vacation club has a list of activities that we will do with the family during the holidays. Here’s what you’ll enjoy from the vacation club:

  1. Enjoyable Journey

You will have a pleasant journey. The vacation club has determined the tourist destinations that you will visit.

They have also made a list of activities that will fill the vacation time with family to make it even more meaningful.

The vacation club has a very mature plan. They will help you find a resort that suits your family size.

Of course, the resort chosen is the best resort that can help you heal from your routine work.

  1. Help with Vacation Preparation

The most important thing to prepare before the holidays is packing. If we plan our family vacation, sometimes there are some things left behind.

Therefore, you need a vacation packing list template so that all the items you need during the holidays can be neatly arranged.

With this template, we can pack items ranging from clothes, food stocks, and other holiday supplies.

This will prevent us from being careless because some important items for the holidays are left at home.

  1. Reduce Stress Before Vacation

Some people get stressed before the holidays because they need careful preparation. Starting from determining tourist destinations, looking for resorts, and packing.

But the vacation club will help you to determine everything. So, you don’t need to stress anymore before the holidays because there are so many preparations.

You just need to prepare yourself and budget for a vacation with your family.

  1. Enjoy Vacation

Using a vacation club will make you and your family enjoy the trip more. Because all activities have been determined.

You won’t waste time on things that don’t matter. Because the vacation club has written all the activities during the holidays.

So, you can enjoy your vacation and come back refreshed.

  1. Closer to Family

When packing, of course, we think about other family equipment. The vacation packing list template will help us to pack all your family needs and not just your needs.

This can make our relationship with our family closer because we can enjoy the trip without worrying.

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Simple Ways to Talk With Stranger Comfortably

Lots of chat sites like Omegle on the internet today can be used as a bridge to allow someone to chat with strangers. in fact, they can not only talk to foreigners in a country but can talk to foreigners in different countries.

That’s why sites like that are the most appropriate alternative when someone wants to learn some information in another country through direct sources. That’s why before you want to chat with strangers, try your best to prepare yourself so you can chat comfortably. Because if you make the other person feel uncomfortable, maybe you won’t be able to talk for long.

If you don’t know how to comfortably chat with strangers, check out the following information for some simple ways.

Try to Be Brave and Confident

One simple way if you want to chat comfortably with strangers is to feel confident when talking so that the other person will be comfortable and feel confident talking to you. Because if you feel nervous it might make the other person feel weird and like wasting their time.

Preparing Material for Discussion

Before you decide to chat with strangers, especially with other countries, try to arrange some discussion frameworks according to their capacity. Suppose you have determined about which country people you want to talk to, based on the search filter.

So from that, try to dig up general information from the country regarding hot topics and if it deserves to be discussed. That way, it will allow you to have one long material to be used as a chat with the other person you are talking to.

Don’t Hesitate to Give Compliments comfortable

Everyone must be happy when they get compliments and even strangers are no exception. So you can try to slip in some compliments when there is something on your interlocutor that amazes you enough.

For example, you could try to compliment the stranger on his beauty or good looks. Or you can also try to test from the style of clothing or the style of speech even to nature when speaking though.

By frequently giving praise to chat sites like Omegle it will make the spirit of the stranger to talk to you even bigger and will feel more when talking.

Try to Be Curious

One of the things that makes someone feels at home when chatting is when the chat partner is very curious about some of the things we have. The same is true of strangers, so you can try to be curious about the stranger so that they keep responding while chatting.

But keep in mind that your curiosity must also see limits. There are some things that you should not ask the person especially those with sufficient privacy. Some of them are like the weight and religion of the stranger. Because it will make your interlocutor feel uncomfortable.

Share Information About You

One way to make the stranger you talk to feel comfortable and not get bored when talking is to let them dominate the conversation. You don’t want to talk so much that it makes them bored by hearing it. However, if previously you were passive so that you were only impressed as a listener, then try to provide information about you.

This is because they also need information from you to feel fair. After all, they do not only provide information from one camp. Try to provide information about your data in general without having to dig up privacy information and deserve to be heard. The methods above are very mandatory to do if you want to use chat sites like Omegle.

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Vegan Food Is Not Boring After All!

Being a vegan is not just for diet, but for creating a new healthier lifestyle. The term vegetarian is an activity or lifestyle that only consumes plant foods such as vegetables, herbs, fruit and does not eat foods derived from animals, fish and poultry.

Vegetarian Types

There are several types of people who live a vegetarian lifestyle, including:

  1. Vegan

Vegan types are for pure vegetarians. That is, they eat plant foods and do not eat meat, eggs and milk at all

  1. Semi-Vegetarian

Diet by consuming plants and vegetables. But occasionally you still eat meat, fish, eggs and milk even in small amounts.

  1. Lacto Vegetarian

The type of vegetarian who does not eat meat, fish and poultry at all. However, consuming products produced from animals such as milk, cheese, yogurt.

Being vegan isn’t just about a weight loss diet. However, to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

The main reason a person becomes vegetarian is because of health factors. There are many benefits that the body will get when we adopt a vegetarian lifestyle.

We can be healthier, reduce the risk of heart disease and reduce the chances of developing diabetes and high blood pressure.

The Vegetarian Menu That Is Not Boring

Being vegan, of course, will only be consuming vegetables. Vegan types can occasionally be creative for your meal. Don’t just eat salad every day, but you also have to be creative.

By creating a vegetarian menu, you will consistently live this healthy lifestyle. and of course you don’t get bored easily.

The following are recommendations for vegetarian menus that are delicious and won’t be boring:

  1. Tempeh or Tofu Steak

This soybean process can be a delicious recommendation for those of you who are vegetarian. Crush the tempeh or tofu, then compact and bake. Don’t forget to add boiled vegetables like broccoli, carrots and corn.

  1. Green Nugget

Nugget is identical to chicken, but you can make nuggets from a combination of various types of vegetables. Such as spinach, grated carrots, onions and low protein flour. Give the spices according to the amount.

  1. Vegan drumstick

Drumstick identic with chicken thigh meat. But you can replace it from mushrooms which are chopped and put together with wheat flour and shaped like a drumstick.

  1. Creamy Mushroom Lasagna

Vegan types can combine pasta with mushrooms. Make a creamy sauce from whole milk. Don’t forget to keep adding fresh tomatoes and spinach as toppings.

  1. Vegan Sandwich

Use whole wheat bread to make sandwiches. You can add your favorite vegetables such as watercress, tomato, spinach and add mayonnaise sauce.

  1. Spinach Pasta

You can buy pasta made from vegan ingredients. Already available in supermarkets. Combine with mushrooms.

  1. Vegan Burger

A vegan burger will not have high calories. Replace burger meat with mushroom filling. Put lots of vegetables and ketchup in it.

  1. Jelly Fruit

As a dessert, you can make jelly from fresh fruits.

Those are 8 recommended vegan food menus that won’t be boring and will definitely taste very delicious. good luck.

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Tips to Boost your Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement is strong evidence that a company or brand can have an impact on consumers. This will make your company look popular and your company to have a good relationship with consumers.

Creating content on social media certainly requires engagement. The goal is for our content to spread widely and make your business or company more famous.

What Is Social Media Engagement?

Production Company Based in Bali explains that social media engagement is the interaction between consumers and companies through a social media platform. This engagement can be seen from the number of likes, comments and followers.

Social media engagement has an important role for your business. because the engagement you get shows how many people are interested and interacting with your business.

How to Increase Social Media Engagement

The following are ways to increase social media engagement for your business. see how and follow each step:

  1. Know your target audience

In order to get good engagement, you must be about who the target audience is. Companies must be able to find out how old they are, their language style and so on.

If you are successful in identifying your target audience, then the company can benefit. Companies can find out how social media is attractive to their audience.

Companies can also analyze what kind of content makes them interested in and buying our products. You can also find out the right time to publish content.

  1. Create Useful Content

If you want to increase social media engagement, then you need to create interesting content. Good content isn’t just promotional content.

If you are diligent in uploading product promotional content, your audience will be bored. Then you have to be creative in creating content. Occasionally provide content about things that are not related to your product.

You can also provide content that attracts further conversation. For example, you can add a question sentence in the photo or video caption of the content you upload.

With this question sentence, the audience will continue to make comments on your post. for example, you can provide content on polls, quizzes, Q&A, humor and more.

If you are diligent in uploading varied content, then your audience will not be bored to see your social media posts. with this content variation, you can also analyze what kind of content your audience likes.

  1. Create a Up To Date Content

If you create content related to something that is trending, many people will see your posts. your content will also be discussed by many people.

For example, you can create content with the topic of popular films that many people are talking about. Then you can associate the content with your product or brand.

If you use Twitter for promotion, then you can follow trending topics. Trending topics on Twitter can help you to get your posts on the search page.

Even the strategy of using trending topics on Twitter has been used by Netflix to promote its latest film.

  1. Communicate with Each Other

Production company based in Bali said that being diligent in communicating with the audience is the most effective way to increase social media engagement. By communicating with the audience, the audience will continue to monitor our social media accounts.

For example, make a “give away”, so there will be many audiences who are interested in our products. They will continue to standby to monitor our social media. This is what can increase engagement.

Besides that, be diligent in replying to comments from your audience. diligently replying to comments can also increase social media engagement.

  1. The Power Of Influencers

Believe it or not, influencers’ ability to increase social media engagement is simply fantastic. Especially if we use influencers who are the idols of our target audience.

We can use influencer services to endorsement the products we sell. Without waiting for 1 week, even when influencers upload promotional content for our products, we will have lots of buyers.

Influencers have enormous power. Because they are being imitated by many people. So don’t hesitate to use influencer services.

Those are 5 tips for increasing our social media engagement. Production Company Based in Bali can help increase social media engagement for your business.

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Baby Care Tips for New Moms

Having a new baby is certainly very fun for a mother. Changing the status of being a new mother makes a big difference when living single. Not infrequently many women are confused about the first steps to become a new mother.

How often should a newborn eat is breastmilk. So new mothers have to adjust their diet, sleep time and even many are desperate. Mothers who care for newborns are often worried about their baby’s condition.

It’s Normal To Care For A Newborn Baby

The following are things that are normal for you to experience when taking care of a newborn baby:

  1. Baby Blues

This is still an issue in society. However, in fact, many mothers experience depression after giving birth. This condition is due to unpreparedness or beyond the ability of the mother.

  1. Over Protective

New mom will be very protective of her baby. Especially if there are other people who try to carry or kiss their baby.

  1. Fatigue and Emotional

Having a newborn baby certainly makes the mother’s mood messy. So mothers have to adjust so they don’t get tired and don’t experience mood swings.

New Mom’s Secret Tips For Newborn Baby

When caring for babies, all mothers want to do their best. Not infrequently many are willing to take parenting classes. Parenting classes also teach about how often should a newborn eat. Where mothers should give priority to breastfeeding for 2 years.

Here are tips to know when caring for a newborn:

  1. Do not get stressed while breastfeeding

When breastfeeding, the mother must always be happy. Even though the baby has not gained weight, the mother should not be stressed. Because if stress, it affects the baby’s mood.

  1. Don’t be afraid to hold a baby

Many mothers feel scared when holding a baby. Even though this is an approach between mother and child. Hold your baby in the most comfortable position. do and exercise every day.

  1. There is no need to welcome visiting guests

During your recovery period, you don’t need to always welcome guests who come to visit. Simply represented by your husband or relatives. because you are still recovering, and keep your baby away from other people who want to kiss him dirty.

  1. Follow the Baby’s Sleep Schedule

Newborn babies do not have a sleep schedule. This makes mom tired. But you have to overcome it by following your baby’s sleeping hours.

  1. You Can Do It!

Being a new mom is certainly tough. But this is a new step in your life. Enjoy the tired and happy caring for a baby. If you are happy then you will enjoy living your new life.

What needs to be noted is that how often should a newborn eat is breastmilk. So prioritize breastfeeding in infants should be sufficient.

Keep in the mood to always be happy. Eat lots of healthy foods so that you get quality breast milk. Don’t be afraid and over protective of your baby. You can definitely become a super new mom

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Healthy Foods for Pregnancy to Avoid Overweight

For pregnant women, it is important to be able to maintain a healthy body so that the fetus is also more healthy. That’s why a lot of information, such as in this site, mentions various information or tips for pregnant women. There are many ways how to be able to maintain the health of the fetus for pregnant women. One of them is by consuming healthy foods.

However, some people complain that they do not want to eat food because it can put on unnecessary weight. Therefore, they need recommendations on what kinds of foods are suitable for consumption by pregnant women and can prevent them from gaining unnecessary weight.

Some Examples of Right Foods for Pregnant Women

From various recommendations on the internet, there are indeed many parties who provide recommendations regarding foods that are suitable for pregnant women to eat. But unfortunately, these foods also have the potential to increase body weight. So from that the consumption of the following foods to be able to overcome this.

  • Broccoli

For those who are curious about why this food is highly recommended for pregnant women, the answer is because this food has several necessary nutrients. One of them is vitamin C which can help the body absorb iron so that it can avoid constipation and prevent babies born with low weight.

  • Hydrated Foods

Lots of variety of foods that contain carbohydrates. Some of them are brown rice, bread, and others. In addition to carbohydrates, fat is needed as a source of nutrition for pregnant women and babies, by consuming these foods can avoid unnecessary weight gain for pregnant women. The carbohydrate content makes a person feel full longer, as said Come rimanere incinta velocemente.

  • Fruit

There are lots of fruits that are recommended for consumption by pregnant women considering their nutritional content which is very beneficial for the health of babies and pregnant women. Some of them are oranges, avocados, bananas, and mangoes. Fruit with a lot of water composition is highly recommended for consumption during pregnancy.

How to Avoid Excessive Weight Gain

As previously stated, some people do take care of their body and baby health by consuming several healthy foods. But they also have the limitation that they don’t want to make the weight gain because of the so-called pregnant condition. So from that, consider the following information to avoid it.

  • Eat-In moderation but often

Instead of you having to overeat but only once, maybe it would be more recommended to eat in moderation but do it often. This is because it has the potential to make the excess food not fully digested by the body so that it turns into fat to gain weight.

  • Light exercise

Even though being pregnant does make your body more sensitive, this is not an excuse to keep you exercising. but of course, to be able to maintain my health, you can limit these activities by doing light exercise. An example is taking a leisurely walk in the morning. It can also be used as an alternative to burn fat in the body.

By applying the tips above, of course, will have a big impact on the health of the fetus and the body. If you are curious about other pregnancy tips, try visiting this site more and learn everything else about pregnancy.

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Understanding Types Of Social Media For Your Purpose

In this digital era, social media becomes one of people primary need to be used daily. Social media is not only used to help people connect around the world. We can uses social media to check how to delete Instagram direct messages from the inappropriate content and irresponsible sender.

In the beginning, social media is made to build communication and relation easily from different area and time. Currently, more than that, the companies compete each other to make a new brand social media with broader features for people daily need.

The social media itself now varies for its purpose. Some social media are specialized for social networks, media sharing, and communities and forums. Each of them has its own fans and becomes more popular currently.

Types of Social Media

Here are some of major types of social media which gain more popularity around the world:

  • Social Network

This is the most popular type of social media which is used by more than half people around the world. It is used to connect people with their friends, family, and people with the same interest. They can share their information with other account and make a group to make communication with people easier. The most popular social networks are:

  1. As the greatest social media made by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook gain more than half of active internet users. Facebook has develop its feature so users can build relationship, share information, play game, and build certain communities.
  2. Tiktok. Its popularity grows fast since 2016 and now it becomes the most installed apps for user all around the world. Tiktok allows its users to upload videos with their music and effect features. People also can see what trending music is or dance all around the world and make it as TikTok challenge.
  3. Previously, Instagram is an independent app which is made by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Its popularity grew so fast in 2010- early 2012 and finally Facebook bought it in 2012. Now, Instagram has more feature such as upload photos and videos with longer duration and bigger size, effect, explore, hashtag, stories, and Instagram Shop. For the inappropriate content or message, you can learn how to delete Instagram direct messages now.
  • Media Sharing

Focusing on uploading photos and videos, this type of social media also gain many users around the world. This kind of social media allow users to upload, download, create, comment, and share what they think on it. Here are the most used media sharing:

  • Youtube

As the biggest social media for uploading videos, Youtube provide unlimited content created by the content creator. Moreover, YouTube now is not only used by individual, but the TV and other electronic media uses Youtube to post their TV series or drama.

Currently, Youtube is more preferable than TV because we can determine what content we want to see and we are also able to watch it anytime we want.

  • Vimeo

Vimeo is similar to YouTube. This platform allows its users to upload, download, and watch the video anytime. However, Vimeo gain less users than Youtube because the content is controversial, full of piracy, and violate the copyright. Then, some countries block this app from their country.

  • Communities and forums

Communities and forums gain its popularity before social network grows well. It is used to share the information to other users by uploading the trusted thread. Even though now it is that not popular anymore, it still has its fans. Here are some popular forums you must know:

  1. This forum is popular not only in Hongkong as its original country, but it spread around the world. 9Gag provide funny content that you can access every time and everywhere. You also can give comment or reply on the comment sections with funny emoticons provided by this forum site.
  2. As the biggest forum & communities in Indonesia, kaskus is still popular with more than 6 million active users. Each users is allow to make a thread such as how to delete Instagram direct messages and share it in the forum. Then, the other users can give comment and like depending on its content.
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