The Development of Food Refrigerator Time To Time

Food refrigerator is one of kitchen appliance which can be found easily in each time. It is very useful to keep all of the food ingredients to keep fresh and also prevent food spoilage. Some commercial walk in cooler repair also starts to run the business since the refrigerator is not only used for personal use but also other business activity and governmental institutions. The big refrigerator called a walk-in cooler can load a thousand kilos of food supplies and other medical ingredients. Nowadays, the super big refrigerator is commonly used by the hospital, restaurant, hotel, pharmacy, and also ship boat.

Especially for those who live alone, the food refrigerator helps them to keep the rest of the food for the next or other days. Fridges also can keep the food ingredients to be always fresh after one week. The key is, you should not unplug the fridge socket to avoid growing bacteria and always keep the fixed temperature for each of the food ingredients.

Before some home appliances brand emerges and offers the food refrigerator, people must pass through a very long way to invent the food refrigerator. In the past, they only can preserve the food supply by grilling or drying in the sun. For some food ingredients especially meat, fish, and other foods from the animal, grilling and drying are the best ideas. However, they can’t do the same thing for other food ingredients such as vegetables or fruits.

The First Way to Preserve the Food

Before the food refrigerator is invented in 1784 by Scotland scientists, people make an underground cave to keep their food supply. The underground temperature is lower and it can prevent food spoilage for a temporary time. The handmade cave is quite big because it is used to keep the group food supplies. People in the past must dig the underground cave deeper to get a better temperature.

Natural Refrigerator in the Winter Season

Especially for the sub-tropical area which has winter seasons, they have one advantage to keep food in a natural refrigerator. The sub-tropical areas include

  1. Australia
  2. Southeast Asia
  3. North America
  4. South America
  5. North Africa
  6. Some Part of East Europe

In the winter season, people mostly will keep their food outside to keep them fresh and preserved. In China, Japan, and Korea, they use a big clay pot or jar with the lid and put it outside. The jar is also famous for the fermentation process. Fermentation is one way commonly done by Asians to preserve foods. There is much popular fermentation of food invented because of the natural refrigerator in this period.

On the other hand, European tend to use the natural refrigerator by digging the frozen lake or swamp near their home to keep the foods at a lower temperature. This method was effective to keep their food supply during the winter season.

The Early Invention in 17 Century

In the early 17 century, the Scotland scientist invented the first-ever refrigerator. He used the refrigerator for scientific purposes such as keeping the body of a new animal. Unfortunately, his invention is not considered a big invention so no one is interested in him.

The Second Inventions in 18 Century

After the first generation of the refrigerator was difficult to be accepted, another scientist tried to make an innovation. However, since it uses refrigerant liquid which is harmful to the environment, scientists compete with each other to find the better one. Since walk-in cooler hasn’t been invented, commercial walk in cooler repair is still done by the scientists.

Food Refrigerator in 19 Century

Industrial Revolution happened in 18 centuries gave a huge effect especially on the refrigerator developments. In 19 Century, European people started to use the real food refrigerator. The refrigerator design was also invented for different purposes such as for foods, medicine, and another scientific object. However, the refrigerator in this era only gives a cooling effect, not a frizzing effect. The low temperature is still limited to maintain the coolness.

The Modern Types of Food Refrigerator

Nowadays, there are so many home appliance brands that offer food refrigerator. Each brand has its own characteristics and tried to help people to keep their foods fresh. Food refrigerator is also supported with fridge inside so people can make ice cube and frozen the foods in one time.

Even, if you need a bigger space of food refrigerator at home, you can choose the brand which offers two or four doors in one fridge. The door is designed separately to make people differentiate their food supplies. Now, they can put vegetables, fruits, drinks, and meat in different spaces. Moreover, some brands put a water dispenser in one of the front doors. It is useful so we should not open the fridge and the bottle inside to get cold drinks. Food refrigerators are also developed into bigger sizes such as a walk-in cooler. No wonder, commercial walk in cooler repair are popular nowadays.

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