This Is The Healthy Way To Eat Eggs

Eggs are a healthy food ingredient and are easy to find. In addition, eggs are also relatively inexpensive when compared to other protein sources, such as meat. There are many and varied ways to enjoy eggs. Eggs can be enjoyed from those eaten raw to boiled, fried, and steamed eggs. It is important for us to pay attention to how to cook eggs. This is so that you can maintain the quality of the eggs. If the eggs are not cooked properly, the benefits of eggs will not be optimal in keeping the body healthy.

The Best Egg Consumption Is Cooked Eggs

Cooked eggs are certainly safer for you to eat and can also make some of the nutrients in the eggs easier for the body to digest. One of the nutrients in eggs is protein. Research has shown that heating eggs will make egg protein digestible in the body. The human body can use 91 percent of the protein nutrition in these cooked eggs. Meanwhile, the human body uses only 51 percent of the protein in raw eggs. Heating the eggs will encourage protein changes in the eggs. For raw eggs, protein compounds take the form of complex structures. When heating is applied to eggs, the heat breaks these complex bonds.

So that new bonds are formed that can be broken more easily in the body. Then this egg is basically rich in vitamin B7. Then vitamin B7 / biotin has an important function to regulate the breakdown of sugar and fat. In raw eggs, the biotin structure is still bound together with avidin. Avidin is a compound in protein. The binding of biotin with avidin can make biotin unusable for the body. However, when the eggs are cooked, the heat in the processing will cause the structure of the avidin to change. The power of avidin can bind biotin so that biotin is easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, the best way to eat eggs is to cook eggs first.

Some Of The Most Common Ways To Cook Eggs

There are various ways to cook eggs that are most often done or very popular from the past until now.


Of course, boiling is a technique for cooking ingredients such as eggs in liquid. Boil this egg until it boils for about 6 to 10 minutes. You can add a whole, raw egg to a saucepan of boiling water. Then eat this boiled egg alone with soy sauce or something like that.


There is another way to cook eggs, namely poached. So poached is a technique of cooking food ingredients in liquid and not too much. So, it is only limited to covering boiled food using low heat or 71 to 82 degrees Celsius. This kind of cooking takes 2.5 to 3 minutes. For example, we put a raw egg in water, without using the eggshell.


Even the most common method used is frying eggs. Eggs are cracked and then heated on a hot pan and lightly coated with oil. You can apply this method of cooking eggs such as cooking eggs that are cooked directly or stirred first and mixed with various other cooking ingredients.


There is also another way to cook eggs, which is by roasting the eggs. So, the eggs are cracked and then baked in a hot oven.

Then, Which Way To Cook Eggs Is Most Appropriate?

You better choose a low-calorie egg cooking method. If you are reducing your calorie intake, then choose the method of cooking by boiling. There are two types of boiling, boiled together with the shell and then the egg is peeled. Or you can also boil an egg without skin, you can crack the eggshell and simply boil the contents in boiling water. This way of cooking does not add calories to oil. Therefore, this method of cooking is definitely the right way if you reduce calories than fried eggs. You can also mix eggs with a variety of vegetables. The way to cook eggs to make the egg dish more nutrient-rich is to mix with vegetables.

If you really want to cook an omelette, then add the various vegetables you like. Then these vegetables are cut into small pieces and put into eggs. For example, chopped carrots, then cut tomatoes, green onions, or spinach. If you don’t want to mix the vegetables, you can also serve the eggs together with other vegetables on a plate along with the eggs. Eggs are certainly very popular and delicious food when used as a variety of dishes. But don’t forget to pay attention to your health as well by cooking eggs in a healthier way. That’s all the information this time about how to cook eggs like what can be healthier. Hopefully, it can be useful for you.

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