Why Is Your Car Experience Overheating?

Several factors can cause a 1.6 THP engine to overheat. Overheat is a term where the condition of the car engine is at a high temperature, due to running out of coolant or a problem occurring in the components of the cooling system. If this condition is left for so long, it will cause damage. To prevent this, we will help you to understand some factors that can cause the engine of your car to overheat.

Various Causes that can Cause the Car to Overheating Fast

There are several things that you must learn and try to understand. In this article, we will give you all of the knowledge that you need, especially when you want to learn about what kind of thing can cause a car with a 1.6 THP engine to overheat. If you have a question about why is my car engine overheating? In this article might be the answer for you. So, let’s see what kind of thing causes this kind of problem.

As a car owner, you must be aware of this one problem. Several reasons can cause the car to heat up very quickly. Learn this so that you can avoid this kind of problem in the future.

  • Radiator Damage

One of the main causes that can make the car overheat very fast is generally caused by a damaged radiator. As is known, the function of the radiator on a car is to keep the temperature of the car stable. When the radiator has a problem, the 1.6 THP engine also has a problem.

Another problem experienced by radiators that cause the car engine to heat quickly is because, there is leaking in the car radiator water hoses, this happens because of the improper use of the radiator. That’s why it’s very important for you to always check your radiator regularly.

If the problem is a leaky radiator hose, you should take your car to a trusted authorized repair shop. To prevent the engine from overheating, you should use a special radiator fluid such as a cooler, and don’t forget to replace it every time the car reaches 20.000 kilometers.

  • The Use of Non-Standard Oil

One of the reasons why is your car overheating so fast is maybe because you used non-standard oil for your car. This kind of problem usually happens because of this kind of thing. The oil that has very poor quality will tend not to withstand the heat, so it will evaporate very quickly. This will cause the car engine to experience very strong friction and it will cause the car engine to overheat.

If left unchecked the car will be in very serious damage. Therefore, you must be wary when someone offers you oil at a low price. You should buy oil according to the recommendations of the car manufacturer that is to the specification of the car that you owned.

  • The thermostat is not Working

The function of the thermostat is to work together with the radiator to measure the temperature of the car. It can be said that the thermostat is the brain of the radiator. When the temperature is low, the thermostat regulates, so that the water doesn’t leave the radiator.

Meanwhile, when the temperature is high, the thermostat instructs water to enter the engine. When the thermostat is disturbed, there is nothing to regulate the entry and exit of water from the radiator to the engine. As a result, the car engine will heat up quickly.

  • The cooling Fan is not Working

When your car’s engine overheats, you need to check the cooling fan. This is because the cooling fan serves to suck the cold air from the outside. So, when the cooling fan is damaged, the cold air outside the car cannot enter the car engine. So, the engine will heat up more easily. Several things can cause the cooling fan not to work normally. The first thing is the problem in the dynamo section that drives the fan. Another reason is the installation of the fan that is upside down, thus making it suck hot air, instead the cold one.

Those are some of the causes of car engine overheating. Then, what if some of your car’s components are already damaged or worn out? If this has happened, then inevitably you have to take it to a trusted repair shop. That’s why you must always check your car engine regularly. You must make sure that your car is in good condition.

Don’t forget to talk with the mechanic about every problem that you might have, doing this will help you to understand what happened to your car. Well, that is all the information about the 1.6 THP engine that we can get for you today. Hopefully, it will help you find the right answer to the problem that you experience.

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