6 Reasons to Watch Chinese Drama

Over the last few years, we have witnessed how widespread Korean dramas are in fame. The reason is that storyline written there is very interesting and not too much, the episodes do not too long, and surely, the chemistry of the cast will make us in love. Visit Cnovelholic site to get the best review of the best Chinese drama you are looking for.

Having an Above-average Cast

Not only Korean dramas but watching Chinese dramas are also no less competitive and gradually begin to have a large number of fans. This is certainly inseparable between the actors and actresses who have handsome and beautiful faces.

Like Korean dramas, Chinese dramas also have simple storytelling, but will not weigh the viewer’s mind or the cases are not heavier than in Korean dramas. You do not have to think too hard in following the storyline like watching Korean dramas. Chinese dramas can be your entertainment choice in your spare time or while spending the weekend.

Simple and Addictive Storyline

The storyline usually raises the love life which is quite complicated but packaged naturally and not excessive and easy to understand. The conflicts had shown also quite relatable to real life so that they can hypnotize the viewers as if they are experiencing what they have experienced. Check Cnovelholic.com so you can get the best choice for you.

Very Nice Soundtrack

Not only the storyline is simple, but you can also enjoy the soundtracks of mandarin songs that will always ring in your ears because the tone is very easy listening and addictive.

You may remember the drama Meteor Garden which has a legendary soundtrack and is almost always sung by young people in its day. To repeat the success of the film, it is reported that Meteor Garden is also remade with the latest Chinese drama version with a fresher cast and a more modern storyline.

The Background Setting that Spoils the Eyes

Not only that, the shooting locations as the backdrop for the film also present amazing views and make us more immersed in the film’s story. That is why many Indonesians have a considerable interest in Chinese dramas.

Chinese Royal Drama that is Familiar to Indonesian People

There are Chinese dramas that use the royal genre or tell stories about history, and there are also those that carry the modern genre. Royal dramas, this has a close relationship with Indonesian culture and makes us not feel taboo when watching them.

In addition, the characters of gods and goddesses in royal Chinese dramas also exist in Indonesia. For example, Dewi Kwan Im, which in Chinese tradition is the Goddess of Mercy. This also lives in Indonesia through wayang characters.

In the wayang, there is Dewi Kunti a character who is full of compassion and never looks at someone’s status. Even Dewi Kunti is willing to take care of her stepchildren, namely Nakula and Sahadeva.

Romantic Scenes That Make You Flutter

Every Chinese drama, especially the romantic genre, will bring out the right characters. They have such strong chemistry, that it makes you feel carried away with the romantic stories they play. Indonesian people are known to like romantic genres. You can enjoy this through a wide selection of Chinese dramas with various storylines, and you will certainly fall in love with every Chinese film listed on the internet.

You will certainly feel at home looking at the TV screen or laptop for a long time to watch Chinese dramas. You will also be very curious and look forward to the continuation of each episode. If you have got a movie from the initial episode to the end, you can be sure you will watch movies until late at night. Visit Cnovelholic site, you will find many great Chinese movie recommendations with high ratings by many viewers.

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